Piana di Fondi and the hills that surround it

Riviera d'Ulisse

Virgil narrates that when Aenea’s ships landed at the Southern Tyrrhenian coast to bury nurse Cajeta, the sailors saw dark green berries that were floating on the sea, fallen olives hanging from the branches of trees along the coast. The sailors tasted them and the fruits maturing in salt water, immediately proved to be particularly tasty

Film Director Giuseppe De Santis

All our products come from Piana di Fondi and the hills that surround it. A land full of history and culture that gave birth to many noble characters, starting with Livia Drusilla, a roman noblewoman, mother of the Emperor Tiberius through the famous Bandit Michele Pezza A.K.A. “Fra Diavolo” until Giuseppe de Santis a movie director and politicians like Pietro Ingrao.


The land has always been full of contrasts, starting from nature that has landscapes of great beauty and unhealthy marshes, disputed by the Romans, plundered from the frequent incursions of the Arabs of Khayr El Din A.K.A. “Barbarossa” but nevertheless very fertile land. At the time of Plinio il vecchio (1st century AD) the hills of this land were covered with olive groves, then made famous in 1950 by movie director G. de Santis, prominent author of italian neorealism, which tells of peasant culture and conflict of his native Fondi.

Buffalo cows

Always present and used to clean the numerous water channels of the plain and plow the fields, the buffalo cows, whose prized and flavorful milk from which we get the “buffalo mozzarella”. Were always the Arabs to introduce in our land the cultivation of coriander, essential spice used in the preparation of the characteristic “salsiccia di Monte S.Biagio”. Strenght of his traditions today this land and its people continue to offer the highest quality products made with an eye to tradition and technology.